The Language, Culture, and Teaching Series


LANGUAGE, CULTURE, AND TEACHING Series, Routledge Publisher (originally Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.)

Books published in the series to date:

  • Sonia Nieto, Language, Culture, and Teaching: Critical Perspectives for a New Century (2002)
  • Paul Collins, Community Writing (2001)
  • Tara Goldstein, Teaching and Learning in a Multilingual School (2003)
  • Vivian Maria Vasquez, Negotiating Critical Literacies with Young Children (2004)
  • Lawrence N. Berlin, Contextualing College ESL Classroom Praxis (2005)
  • Carole Edelsky, With Literacy and Justice for All, 3rd (2006)
  • Mary R. Harmon & Marilyn J. Wilson, Beyond Grammar: Language, Power, and the Classroom (2006)
  • Ernest Morrell, Critical Literacy and Urban Youth (2008)
  • Katherine Richardson Bruna & Kimberley Gomez, The Work of Language in Multicultural Classrooms: Talking Science, Writing Science (2009)
  • Linda A. Spears-Bunton & Rebecca Powell, Toward a Literacy of Promise: Joining the African American Struggle (2009)
  • Maria José Botelho and Masha Kabakow Rudman, Critical Multicultural Analysis of Children’s Literature: Mirrors, Windows, and Doors (2009)
  • Hilary Janks, Literacy and Power (2010)
  • Sonia Nieto, Language, Culture, and Teaching: Critical Perspectives, 2nd ed (2010)
  • María Luiza Dantas & Patrick C. Manyak, Home-School Connections in a Multicultural Society: Learning From and With Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families (2010)
  • Thandeka K. Chapman & Nikola Hobbel, Social Justice Pedagogy Across the Curriculum: The Practice of Freedom (2010)
  • Richard Andrews, Re-framing Literacy: Teaching and Learning in English and the Language Arts (2011)
  • María del Rosario Basterra, Elise Trumbull, & Guillermo Solano-Flores, Cultural Validity in Assessment: Addressing Linguistic and Cultural Diversity (2011)
  • Hilary Janks, Doing Critical Literacy: Texts and Activities for Students and Teachers (2013)
  • Vivian Vasquez, Negotiating Critical Literacies With Young Children, 10th Anniversary Edition (2014)
  • Yuri Kumagai, Ana López-Sánchez, and Sujane Wu. Multiliteracies in World Languages Education (2016)
  • Nicole Mirra, Antero Garcia, and Ernest Morrell (Eds.). Doing Youth Participatory Action Research: A Methodological Handbook for Researchers, Educators, and Youth (2016)
  • Bob Fecho and Jennifer Clifton. Dialoguing Across Cultures, Identities, and Learning (2017)
  • Carolyn McKinney. Language and Power in Post-Colonial Schooling: Ideologies in Practice (2017)
  • Sonia Nieto. Language, Culture, and Teaching: Critical Perspectives, 3rd ed (2018)

Routledge Publisher (originally Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.)
Sonia Nieto, Series Editor

This series of texts for undergraduate and graduate-level teacher education courses focuses on the intersections of language, culture, and teaching — specifically, on how language and culture inform classroom practice. The books will range from 160 to 300 pages, and will be used as primary or supplementary texts in the growing number of courses that address issues such as, but not limited to:

  • Foundations of Multicultural Education
  • Multicultural Children’s Literature
  • Teaching Diverse Populations
  • Foundations of Bilingual Education
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Sociocultural Issues in Teaching

The series will reframe the conventional idea of the textbook by envisioning classroom practice as critical, creative, and liberatory. Challenging traditional biases about diversity and about students of diverse languages and cultures are primary objectives of these books.

Authors interested in submitting book proposals or serving as reviewers for this series should contact Sonia Nieto, Series Editor

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